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Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at16:14:

  FanArts - Pictures/Sketches/Pixelart

:D taken from Old WS Forum ! Since we have so many NICE artists in guild ...

I will add here step by step^^ tell me in PM if I forgot anything :)



Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at16:14:


Pictures from Vibi / Winter:

[sketch is from me and colors from vibi <3]

Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at16:35:


Pictures from Ri / Sadako

Posted by Sada on 03-04-2006 at16:38:


nice job watti <3
maybe you should post the links to all fanarts (as overview and archive kinda), so they all fit in 1 post~ °-°

Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at16:40:


@ Sada

nah, because u dunno what u like to watch when u watch fanarts... if you look for a photo of someone its something else.. but u ll see how i plan to do it

Pictures from Watery

unfinished >_<

Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at16:44:


Pictures from Emi

[sketch by Sirena, colors by Emi]

Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at16:45:



Sketches from Vibi / Winter

Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at16:48:


Sketches from Sadako / Ri

Sketches from Iruga

Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at16:50:


Sketches from Sirena / Chai

Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at16:51:


Sketches from Shajana

Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at17:03:


Sketches from Watery

Posted by Watery on 03-04-2006 at17:08:


PixelArt / Stuff from Watery

Posted by AlveiN on 05-18-2006 at00:11:


here are some sketches of my sniper =)

the last one, I made it cause I love sada's signature, she directly guessed my favourite stylest headgear ^^.

Posted by vibi on 05-31-2006 at22:25:


sketch i did at work of sushi/princess (OMG TWINS!)
just started to color, but i think i won't go on.
I just realized, I am only active WOE dancer atm q____q

Posted by Danguard on 06-03-2006 at00:31:


It's not a draw or screenshot or else, but i would like you see my movie ^^


Let me know something :D

Posted by Geffanian on 06-04-2006 at02:27:


I took the time to download it and all i can say to it is: Dang, that's nice! (pun intended)

Looking forward to seeing the wushu attacks in the credits (failed attacks /gg).

Posted by Sada on 06-04-2006 at06:28:


Originally posted by Danguard
Tnx XD
Don't worry, it's the first, not the last ;)

next time maybe shorten it a bit.
i think its quite a bit long for a promoting movie.
still nice, expecially the intro :3
looking forward to next ones ^_^

Posted by vibi on 06-09-2006 at06:33:


The sweet Sushi Princess! (twins sexy )

Posted by Sada on 06-09-2006 at21:54:


currently working on


i love openCanvas 4 btw... ;-;

Posted by Merit on 06-09-2006 at22:20:


Sweet cool

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